Canadian Blood Donation Drive Advertised to Banned Gay Men

Since the 1980’s, which was the dawn of the public recognition and acceptance of the existence of the HIV/AIDS virus, gay men were banned from donating blood.

There was a several year period in which the public at large believed that only gay men could transmit or be infected by HIV or the AIDS virus.

The tragically misguided and homophobic political mindset against fully understanding the HIV/AIDS backfired horrifically as the rate of infections and transmissions skyrocketed.

It was much easier to scapegoat gay men. Also, it was easier to judge them and to pretend as though God was punishing them for their behavior and sexual identity by creating HIV/AIDS.

Reality, statistics and the increased rate of heterosexuals contracting HIV/AIDS during this time period changed minds in the medical community.

Yet, the homophobic and cowardly mindset to scapegoat gay men, as well as refusing to admit failure, led to the creation of gay-discriminating blood donation policies.

Only until last year gay men were virtually banned from donating blood in the United States. Now gay men who have been sexually active must wait a year before donating blood.

Think about that. A gay man must be celibate to donate blood.

If only gay men would stop having sex with other men and act like heterosexuals, then the HIV/AIDS crisis will end, is the 1980’s political mindset that comes charging out of such a statute.

As if being celibate for a year would clean out and filter gay blood.

There is a similar gay-discriminating blood donation policy in Canada as well.

Canadian Blood Services, until very recently, required all gay men to wait 5 years before donating blood.

That wait time has been reduced to only one year at the moment. For nuance, the ban really means that if a gay man has been sexually active within the 12 months before donating blood, then they cannot donate

In a head-scratching yet still stunningly insulting incident to the LGBT community, the Canadian Blood Services advertised a blood donation drive to gay men across Canada on gay dating and hookup social media apps like Grindr.

The GiveBlood mobile social media app advertisement urged readers to, “put the power to give life in the palm of your hands.”

As of August 15, 2016 in Canada nationwide, the Canadian Blood Services has reduced the 5-year ban on gay men donating blood to 1 year.

Meaning that if a Canadian gay man has had sex another man within a year, then no blood can be donated.

Then Canada Blood Services advertised a blood donation drive to gay men on a dating app.

One cannot make this stuff up.

Ross Fitzgerald, a spokesperson for Canadian Blood Services, said in a statement to CBC News that the error was made by the advertising vendor who sent out the ad and that the C.B.S. will make sure the mistake doesn’t happen again.

One could only hope.

It is not fair to tell gay men that their blood cannot be trusted to accept for donations and then pander for donation via gay -dating social media apps.

It was either a cruel, unexplainable mistake or a cruel, unexplainable joke.

Either way, the incident was cruel and unexplainable.