Seattle Mariners Stadium Staff Rebuke Lesbian Duo for Public Display of Affection

No one really understand how stress inducing it is for gay men, or LGBT people to kiss publicly or engage in public displays of affection.

It unnerves people. Or people believe that their children who might see such are being morally violated and corrupted. Or people believe it is against the rule of God and the tenets of moral decency.

After Omar Mateen killed 49 people and injured 53 others at the Pulse nightclub, his father Seddique Mateen tried to rationalize his son’s violence with a story of how his Omar had been horribly upset upon first moving to Orlando and witnessing 2 men embrace and kiss in public while out walking with his young son.

Seddique Matten tried to rationalize the mass killing of 49 people by saying how inappropriate it was for men to kiss in public and expose others to such a site.

This is the world we live in.

Two men kissing in public, two women kissing in public, two transvestites kissing in public or two transgender people kissing in public amounts to the same thing: discomfort, judgment and ostracizing.

Nothing in the world can unnerve the public at large and the average bystander than to witness two non-heterosexuals engaging in non-sexual and playful public displays of affections.

A recent survey by the American Sociological Review concluded that about 55 percent of straight are OK with the sight of LGBT people kissing in public. 95 percent of all straight people are complete fine with seeing other straight people kiss in people or engage in public displays of affection.

Again, this is the world we live in.

LGBT people are basically programmed to believe that expressing affection for another in a non-sexual public display of affection, similarly to heterosexuals, is inappropriate, immoral and wrong.

No one should be forced to see such a thing. In a supermarket. On a sidewalk. In an elevator. In a park.

Or, supposedly, in a baseball stadium.

In early August 2016, the staff at the Seattle Mariners’ baseball stadium approached a lesbian couple and informed them that their public displays of affection were making other people in the stands uncomfortable in an environment that is supposed to be, “family friendly.”

And for most people a, “family,” or nuclear family does not make room or exceptions for LGBT.

The lesbian couple left, filed an official public complaint with the stadium and took to social media to expose the incident.

The Mariners’ staff apologized to the couple yet bizarrely also insisted that the couple’s inappropriate behavior, not their sexual orientation, started the incident.

Rebecca Hale, a spokesperson for the Seattle Mariners, publicly stated to The Stranger publication and in a press release:

"It's just unfortunate that we did not do a good job of communicating the motives behind it to the couple…They took away from it that you're focusing on us because we are a gay couple, and not you're focusing on us because of the behavior... That's on us. We can do better and we will do better."

The unspoken reality here is, unless this was an issue concerning public nudity or intercourse upon which the police would have been definitely called, then it is safe to assume that nothing would have been said if the offending couple were heterosexual.

95 percent of heterosexuals would not have bene bothered by witnessing a hetero PDA, according to the American Sociological Review anyway.

This how the world sees LGBT love. As something to loathe or recoil against.

The answer is more than just seeking tolerance from people who may view a LGBT public display of affection.

The answer is respect.

When you respect people of a sexual identity different than your own and respect their right to live and being treated as human, then the sight of LGBT public displays of affection won’t cause negative reactions.

They won’t matter. It won’t cause a scene.

Like two heterosexuals kissing in public.

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