7 SanFran Dive Bars to Visit While You Still Can

Whether drowning sorrows on your lonesome or slumming it with friends, dive bars are good for a lot of occasions. In San Francisco it seems that every minute something gets more expensive, whether the rent, the dinner out, or night out with your friends. Luckily for us, dive bars still offer great deals, and won't bite your wallet that hard. Here is the list of 7 best dive bars you have to visit right now (while they still offer these awesome prices). 

1. Zam Zam
A curved bar serving classic cocktails complete with a vintage cash register, mural & jukebox that was built by Assyrian Immigrants in 1941.  Enter through the iron doors into the dim, windowless yet plush Persian-inspired chamber to enjoy the Persian fairy tale atmosphere. Warning: cash only bar. 

2. Lucky 13
No-frills rock 'n' roll spot with pinball, pool tables & punk rock on the jukebox. Great beer selection. Fun people watching. Lots of locals. Cash only.

3. Lone Palm
Candlelight, white tablecloths, Miami Vice-like neon signage: The beloved Lone Palm, a couple of blocks from Dolores Park, is sexy and cheesy at once. Roll with it.

4. Aunt Charlie’s
House rule #1 at Aunt Charlie’s, a cozy, mirror-lined gay bar from the ’80s: Keep your phone in your pocket—especially during the legendary drag shows. Super strong and cheap drinks, great shows, if you go on certain nights, and overall just a fun, not-at-all creepy atmosphere.

5. Martuni’s
Have a favorite show tune? The kind sir with the encyclopedic knowledge behind the piano can play it while you sing. Do so right, with a lemon drop in hand.

6. Trad’r Sam
Opened in 1937, Trad’r Sam is the city’s oldest tiki bar still in operation. Sidle up to the half-moon-shaped counter for a mai tai, which was born in the Bay Area.

7. Inner Sunset
It’s worth coming here no matter what the day or time (see: darts, cozy corners, popcorn machine), but Yancy’s does the NFL Sunday Ticket right -- 14 TVs in a living room setting. Plus: Bloody Marys and mimosas are only $4 each

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