CW Seed Online Cartoon Show Featuring Gay Superhero Premieres in 2017

There have been some advances on LGBT representation in comic books within the last few years.

Within the last decade, major comic book companies have been reaching out to LGBT demographics by publicizing the LGBT additions to their comic book rosters.

Green Lantern Alan Scott of DC comics is gay. The Midnighter, a popular DC/Wildstorm comics character, a cross between a more aggressive Batman and Taskmaster, is a gay character who has existed in the comic books since the late 1990’s. In fact, Midnighter’s lover is a Superman analogue character named Apollo.

Marvel Comics introduced a gay superhero named Northstar, who is a member of Alpha Flight, sort of like Canada’s answer to the Avengers, way back in the 1980’s.

Gay and LGBT comic book characters have been around for some time, although it can be argued that it is only within recent years that LGBT characters are treated like people who happen to be gay and not just gay caricatures or character clichés.

Batwoman, a lesbian version of the Batman character, debuted several years ago to great acclaim.

Now the cartoon world, specifically cartoons inspired by comic books are also starting to the embrace telling the stories of LGBT characters

The CW Seed, a new online animation program website for CW animated series, will debut Freedom Fighters: The Ray, a cartoon based on The Ray, a character owned by DC comics.

The Ray is a superhero with light and laser based powers who fights crime.

How The Ray’s LGBT identity will be revealed, referred to and portrayed in the cartoon has not been disclosed as of yet.

It is a little but welcome step for the fight in humanity recognition and equality rights for LGBT people.

Freedom Fighters: The Ray is set to premiere on the CW Seed sometime in 2017.

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