The Father of the Pulse Nightclub Mass-Killer Attends a Clinton Rally

Suffering is a form of currency on planet Earth.

Undue attention may be given to a cause because of suffering. A law may be changed, abolished or installed because of the public or overdue recognition of suffering.

People, if they have no malice in their hearts, may even treat you like a human being if you have suffered enough or can visibly show that you have suffered.

So as you can see, the act of suffering can have some value. But that can also depend upon whom decides whose suffering has value or whose suffering is worthy of more attention than others.

If you are gay, lesbian, or have a personal identity that can only be categorized under the LGBT or LGBTQIA categorization umbrella or whatever word the mainstream press or popular culture is comfortable with categorizing non-heterosexual human beings with, then your suffering is not important.

It is encouraged and desirous even in a world that does not equate much value to the life of anyone who identifies as an LGBT individual.

Take this factoid for example: Seddique Mateen, the father of Omar Mateen, the mass-killer, wannabe-terrorist and sexually confused person who cold-bloodedly shot and killed 49 people and injured 53 at the Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2016, was recently seen attending a Hillary Clinton Rally in Kissimmee, Florida.

Normally and happily. As if the sight would not be considered weird or disturbing.

Or add more suffering to the lives of people who have enough to last lifetimes.

In the opening hours of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, as the name Omar Mateen was first being shared with the world, multiple rationalizations were being offered for the shootings.

Multiple news outlets were reporting that Omar Mateen may have committed the Pulse Nightclub mass murders because Mateen was offended by the sight of two men kissing while he walked with his son when he first came to Orlando.

This rationalization was first offered by Seddique Mateen, an Afghani immigrant and California-based public access TV show host and undeniable homophobe.

And the father of Omar Mateen.

Seddique Mateen gave several rambling interviews in the days and weeks after the Pulse nightclub shooting, seemingly unwilling to grasp the scope of the horror and the questions concerning his son’s sexuality confusion and his own culpability in raising a son who killed 49 people.

But as news spread that the patrons of the Pulse nightclub were gay and that Mateen may have actively targeting them because they were gay, the worthiness value of the suffering survivors, friends and family of the Pulse nightclub victims was seemingly judged to be of little value.

Want proof?

How often do you hear about the Pulse nightclub on the news? How often do you hear about proprietary and business security and safety reform in the aftermath of Pulse? Especially in Orlando?

You are likely to hear more about the Zika virus in Florida on the news than anymore updated news about the aftermath of the Pulse mass killings.

How often do you hear about the Pulse survivors? The families of the survivors? How are they doing? Who is looking after their interests?

Unless you look for such news, you never hear about it.

That is the apparent worth of LGBT blood to the world, undeniably manifest.

Now couple that with the fact that, months after the news cycle when most non-regional outlets mention Pulse, the father of the man responsible for the worst nightclub mass-killing in history is seen on national TV attending a Hillary Clinton rally.

Hillary Clinton even references the Pulse killings and the need for reform while the father of the Pulse mass killing sat behind her.

A new word to describe, “surreal,” must be coined.

Seddique Mateen is in obvious denial and wants to pretend like his son is not a monster. He told local outlets that he supports Clinton and just wanted to show his support.

Mateen stated, “I love the United States and I’ve been living here a long time,” in a desperate attempt to pretend like he is not the father of the country’s worst mass-killer.

We don’t always get what we want in life.

Someone in Hillary Clinton’s team needs to be fired.

But more than that, it needs to be publicly acknowledged how much suffering the sight of Seddique Mateen must have caused the survivors and surviving families of Pulse victims.

Just imagine of you were one of those people seeing news reports of Seddique Mateen’s big day out.

That must have caused a lot of suffering.

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