Gay-Friendly Hot Spots Tahiti

According to various in-the-know sources, there are a lot of tropical, gay-friendly hotspots around the world.  Tahiti is one of them.  In fact, Atlantis, a company known for its gay cruise experiences, offers a few Caribbean cruises every year.

One particularly popular itinerary includes a tour of French Polynesia.  Tahiti is largest island in what is known as “the Windward group.”  It’s situated in the central Southern Pacific Ocean.

Tahiti is located in the archipelago of what is known as the Society Islands.  It is both the highest and largest part of French Polynesia.  Close to Moorea island, it is situated 2,734 miles south of Hawaii, 3,542 miles from Australia and 4,909 miles from Chile.

At its broadest point, Tahiti is 28 miles wide with an area of 403 square miles.  The tallest peak Mont Orohena which is 2,242 miles high.  Formed by volcanic activity, Tahiti consists of two separate parts surrounded by coral reefs.  The larger, northwestern part is called Tahiti Nui or “Big Tahiti".  The smaller part is named Tahiti Iti or “Small Tahiti".

Tahiti is home to approximately 69 percent of the French Polynesian population.  It’s also the cultural, economic and political center  of French Polynesia.  The collectivity’s capital is Papeete.  It is home to the only international airport in the area-- Fa'a'ā International Airport which is three miles from the center of town.

The first settlers in Tahiti were Polynesians.  To date they account for 69 percent of the population.  The other residents are Chinese, Europeans and people of “mixed” heritages.

Once part of the Kingdom of Tahiti it was annexed and proclaimed a colony of France in 1880.  Since 1946 those who reside there have been French citizens.  While French is the official language of Tahiti, Reo Tahiti, the native tongue, is also widely spoken.

If you're truly looking to spend some time alone and off the beaten path with your significant other, Tahiti has that in spades.  Tahiti Hui’s interior is totally uninhabited.  Tahiti Iti is isolated and its southeastern half--specifically Te Pari--can only be reached on foot or by boat.

Tahiti is also great for tourists who like to take in the sites.  It has a winding, scenic interior road from which visitors can see citrus groves, dairy farms and panoramic views of the local beauty.  It has streams, lush rainforests and the the Papenoo River on the northern side.

If you enjoy “laughter in the rain” then you should know that the wet season is from November to April.  In fact, if you like kissing in the rain or making love to the sound of rain on the roof the the wettest month is said to be January when as much as 13.2 inches falls.  The actual temperature, however, varies little per season. 

Reportedly the average temperature in Tahiti is usually between 70 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit.  Sources in the capital of Papeete note that the lowest recorded temperature is 61 degrees Fahrenheit.   The highest recorded temperature is 93 degrees Fahrenheit. confirms that while Tahiti is not a gay-only hot spot it is gay-friendly and “one of the most romantic places” in the world.  It is “a couples’ paradise” complete with a colorful, interesting history, canoed-delivered breakfasts, personal privacy, rugged mountains, vibrant marine life and white-sand beaches.  It is in essence the perfect South Pacific paradise.       

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