Many of the Pulse Nightclub Victims Were Shot in the Head

Violence is very common in the United States.

Just watch the news or logon to a newsfeed of your preferred social media platform.

There is always a workplace shooting or school shooting or mall shooting or movie theater that is being reported on a regular basis in our news media.

Such mass-shooting violence has been normalized in the American zeitgeist and cultural conscious. Especially in recent years.

It shouldn’t be. It is horrific. It is unacceptable. It isn’t American. When we normalize such violence, act like it is just an another day or offer prayers and well wishes while taking no appreciable preventative actions, then we sow the seeds of potential for the next event.

We kind of forget the event happened. That is why we are so shocked when it happens again. Or we get so jaded and used to such barbaric and war-like actions, that we tune it out.

It is unacceptable.

Just in the same manner that the public at large seems to be forgetting about the atrocity of the June 12, 2016 Pulse nightclub mass-killings and the memories of the 49 victims, 53 survivors and the surviving families of all involved.

In recent weeks, more attention was paid to Seddique Mateen, the father of Pulse nightclub mass-killer Omar Mateen, visiting a Hillary Clinton political rally in Kissimmee, Florida in a sad, delusional attempt to pretend like he isn’t the father of Pulse nightclub mass-killer, than to the memories of the actual victims since the event.

The horrors that the Pulse nightclub victims faced must be told and chronicled for history.

No one should die like that because they are LGBT.

And it must never happen again.

As recently released autopsy reports state, about one third of the victims were shot in the head from a distance of about 3 feet or a 1 meter. Florida police and firearm experts have theorized that Mateen was precision targeting his victims randomly and not just shooting randomly or wildly, as previously reported.

Half of all of the Pulse victims were shot 5 times or more.

In a dark and crowded club Mateen managed to shoot a third of them in the head. That has to speak to intent, motivation and mindset.

Florida Police authorities are still trying to determine if any of the Pulse nightclub victims were either shot or killed by police.

It shows that Mateen knew what he was doing. He stalked through the Pulse nightclub intentionally and patiently killing people. The mass killing assault in that club lasted over 3 hours.

People in the Pulse nightclub that night knew they going to die.

Omar Mateen wanted people in Pulse to know that they were going to die.

The intentional and inhumane psychological trauma inflicted on the victims have not been reported in any appreciable detail.

Mainstreams news doesn’t report on the progress of security initiatives in Orlando, the progress of the surviving families or the progress of the survivors.

It was a mass killing event aimed at exterminating every LGBT person in the club that night.

It is the worst mass shooting and mass-killing event in the history of the United States of America.

The killer, Omar Mateen, and his struggles with his sexual identity, represent a microcosm of the future threat of mentally unstable, sexually conflicted people violently reacting against their own sexual identity by killing as many LGBT people as possible to re-certify their own machismo or non-homosexuality.

Omar Mateen and his action on the night of June 12, 2016 must be studied.

Because it will happen again.

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