Go To House Vibrations Vibe Fridays Oakland Pride Kickoff

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community or perhaps just a strong supporter of the groups within said community you may want to mark your calendar so you can check out the Vibe Fridays Oakland Pride Kickoff.  This event is meant to set off Oakland Pride Weekend 2016.  The House Vibrations Vibe Fridays Oakland Pride Kickoff will be held at House Vibrations (located at 2120 Broadway) in Oakland, California on Friday and Saturday September 9 and September 10.

The big bash begins at 9 p.m. on September 9 and runs until September 10 at 3 a.m.  Hosted by the popular night club, House Vibrations, this promises to be a wild weekend of house music, dancing, food, fun, pride and unity.  An unnamed representative for House Vibrations briefly discussed the event via posts on social media.  He said:

“Pride is in the air.”  He encouraged everyone and anyone interested in attending this event to “come together” also to spread the love regardless of your sexual orientation or race.  He also said that this is the right moment to gather together and unite as a single force and all enjoy the love, music, fellowship and fun.

Indeed the House Vibrations staff have reportedly planned a memorable evening for both tourists and residents in the bay area.  They suggest to the locals that they conclude their arduous work week by putting themselves in “Pride Mode” by joining in this official Oakland [LGBTQ] Pride Kickoff Party.  In high pride promotion mode the House Vibrations team claim that this particular pride party is going to be nothing less than explosive.

The musical guest for this special LGBTQ event will be Vjuan Allure.  But first, for those not up on this entertainer, don’t worry.  Be happy.  Here is some additional info on the act in question:

Vjuan Allure is a disc jockey, dancer, remixer, promoter, unspecified radio personality, producer and musical artist.  His signature sound is a mix of musical genres including primarily house and dance music.  He is based out of Washington, D.C.  

Born in Puerto Rico, one of the top ten popular gay-friendly vacation spots, Allure’s professional resume is highlighted by numerous platter-pushing gigs and his most recent release the CD titled Anarchy.  On his official artist website he lists his sources of musical inspiration to include “everything”.  He is familiar with numerous music genres but admits his favorite is house music.

He also states being fond of hip-hop, R&B, salsa, dancehall music and the classics.  He likes everything.  Even if he does not like it he will still remix it.

Reflecting on recent unfortunate events across the globe, it was decided that this year the theme would be: “Be proud of who you are, spread the love and be kind to each other.”  This house music party will have a retro feel to it reflecting back to the 1990s when no one had smartphones and all the social media so readily at their disposal.  Finally, there will be various drink specials too.  

As this piece goes to press tickets are presently priced at $10.00 each.  Tickets will also be available at the door that weekend.  Ticket prices will go up to $15.00 dollars if purchased after midnight.  This is a 21 and up venue and event.  Valid photo ID will be required at the door.

(All images are courtesy of the original owner unless otherwise indicated.) 

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