Target to Spend Millions Building Bathrooms for Transgender Use

The battle over who can should be allowed to use a public restroom in the United States of America wages on unabated.

If the situation wasn’t deadly serious and hell bent on demoralizing, discriminating against and oppressing the LGBT movement, and transgender people in particular, and distressingly amplifying transphobia then it might be half funny.

Yet it isn’t. Not at all.

As transgenderism and the people who make the decision to switch genders takes ever more focus in the court of public opinion, lines are being drawn in the sand and absolutely ridiculous points of view are being made.

The crux of the issue is the idea that any transgender person who wants to use the bathroom corresponding to their sexual gender post-sexual reassignment surgery, and not the gender they were born with, are a danger to the public at large.

If you listen to or believe any of the anti-LGBT propaganda and hate speech concerning the issue, all transgender people are dangerous, perverts, pedophiles and rapist-types who want put children and women in danger.

The notion is that young children or women are not safe trying to use the bathroom with a transgender person in the vicinity.

The argument serves to demonize transgender people as people not to be trusted and who switch genders for the purpose of using a bathroom to hurt someone.

The base of the argument assumes that all, “normal,” sexual genders are kind, peace-loving types except for anyone who would change their gender.

The argument is laughable and hurtfully insulting at the same time. The issue has taken on a life of its own. President Obama has weighed in on the issue, asking for tolerance and respect. State and federal lawsuits around the country are being argued over the issue.

It is absolutely heartbreaking that fervent anti-LGBT types and transphobes would rationalize and augment their hate to a level where they would deny human being the right to use a public bathroom.

At any rate, some businesses have taken a stand on the matter, as the issue is not going away any time soon.

Target has decided to build single-occupancy bathrooms at all of its 1,800 store locations in the Unites States to take some fire out of the issue.

In addition to the bathrooms for males and females, the third single-occupancy bathroom will be gender neutral and available for use by anyone, though the point is to make transgender people feel comfortable and take away the argument for the issue from anti-LGBT protesters.

All 1,800 Target stores will be outfitted with the third single occupancy bathrooms by early 2017.

Target is constructing these single occupancy bathrooms at an estimated cost of over $20 million.

Revenue at all Target stores for the past year have been down about 7%, which many believe can be attributed to the raging transgenders and public bathroom debate.

Hopefully Target’s move will be followed by more stores and businesses.

Hopefully the raging transphobia that has overtaken the country will abate.

Still, considering the state of the world at the moment, that is bound to happen a lot later than sooner, unfortunately.


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