Travel Tips For The LGBT Community 2

A lot of travel tips are universal.  Still, there are times when traveling as a member of the LGBTQ community requires a bit more thought and consideration.  For example, there are countries where just the public expression of same-sex love could actually cause significant problems.  (Who needs that?)

Day trips and vacations are for rest and relaxation.  They are defintiely not for wondering if your travel destination or hotel is gay-friendly.  Bearing that in mind, here are a few more travel tips for the LGBTQ community:

Check out the locals: Online experts note that you can and should meet the locals.  Today all you need to do is use one of your smartphone apps.  Try using the apps, Grindr, Planet Romeo or Scruff.  

They have all been praised as being among the “top” gay hookup or social networking apps.  In this case, one needs to remember that these smartphone apps can be used for more than just getting a little.  You can use it to let residents know that you are a tourist in town.  You can ask the locals about less well-known tourist sites and where the best LGBTQ bars and night clubs are.  Inquire about local events as well.  

Check out area drag shows: Experts say that drag shows  traditionally have a fun and light-hearted environment and they are a great place to meet members of the native LGBTQ community as well.  Drag shows in such places as Bangkok, Berlin, Helsinki and Jerusalem are all praised by several critics.

Visit the gay-friendly coffee shops and gay night clubs: These places have a reputation for having maps and flyers regarding information on the nearby LGBTQ scene.  

Go online and book an actual gay vacation: The most recommended businesses to consult are Detours, OUT Adventures and the lesbian-specific Olivia.  They market package deals designed specifically for members of the LGBTQ crowd.  These group vacations may travel a lot easier.  

Quite often the guides on these trips are also members of the LGBTQ world and therefore are quite knowledgeable when it comes to things like gay nightlife.  It also makes travelers feel better knowing that their vacation was put together by someone who understands how things work.  It makes it a lot less likely that there will be any problems with accommodations and services.

Go see all the “unexpected” LGBTQ destinations: The top ten LGBTQ vacation hotspots are indeed popular, there are also  wealth of what most would consider unexpectedly gay-friendly.  A couple examples include Amman in Jordan and Luanag Prabang in Laos.  There are also smaller cities such as Stockholm, Sweden and Austin, Texas which also will pleasantly surprise LGBTQ travelers.

Report any issues or problems: If you are bothered or harassed on your vacation then report it.  If you have no clue how to report rouble then first locate and contact the area LGBTQ groups in the area  and ask them how to report said incidents.  Numerous major metropolitan areas also have LGBT locations where one can even be tested for STDs and even HIV.  

Maximize your vacation fun: Make sure to plan a safe, gay-friendly trip.  If you plan properly, regardless of the differences in LGBTQ rights per location, you can still have a great vacation.

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