Should Gay People Be Allowed To Marry?

You aren’t really asking about the objectivity or fairness, you’re asking about purpose.

Heterosexual relationships make “concern” for you because you think that replication is a good thing, or at least is a fair goal. Homosexual relationships make sense because sex is not just for giving birth to babies. Sex is also a shared feeling that excites feelings of attachment and appeal which help to continue stable relationships.

Sexuality has become a more complicated subject in recent decades as the full range of adaptation and expression has become more thoroughly defined. There has been some debate in the literature about ‘same-sex behavior’ like ‘population control’. But the system is not well established.

Suppose you’re a heterosexual male who backs same-sex marriage. But in your home country, there may be many, many more heterosexual males who don't support it and will even strongly protect their distinguished "right" to not have to observe such an introduction.

Anyway, when you support, or rather, explain to people why you support same-sex "marriage", or whatever you, or they or anyone else wishes to call it,  use the same simple set of arguments which I think are more than enough.

Sharing Property And Wealth Earned Over The Course Of A Lifetime

Imagine you have spent a lifetime with your loved one until they pass away of old age. You don't have any children and nobody is there to share it and at that point, you had the least of your concerns for it. Still, life goes on and all that you have, well, earned while living your lives together, now must be inherited by someone. Here comes the plot twist, because you are not legally married, there is now a crowd of aunts and uncles from god-knows-where who claim the right to the property that you and your partner made. Had you been legally married, you, as a spouse, would most likely have the unquestioned right to your partner's legacy in the absence of children. But, as the law doesn't give you that right, it shares the property with all sorts of relatives and next of kin who, by chance, probably abandon you because of your unholy relationship a long time ago. Does that sound fair to you?

Involvement In Crucial Life Decisions

Now, imagine you are lying in bed in a coma and there is no chance of recovery. Or, dying of cancer in pain and suffering. You wish or ask, to be euthanized, but your family needs to make that choice and decide who accepts to be at your side as you go. Now, imagine that your lifelong partner, the love of your life, is legally not your family, so the rest of your family can drive them out of the decision to end your life and out of the room in which you will breathe your last on this earth because you are not married. If you were, your partner would be the closest family you have, both legally and practically, but unfortunate luck, so those same aunts and uncles who gave up on you now get to decide how you should end your life. How does it sound, fair?

Marriage Is Not Just A Religious Practice

It is very real and explains, before the government as well as before the rest of your family, the relationship between you and your partner, as well as the relationship of the two of you vs. the rest of the world.

Everybody deserves that and you don't get to take that away from anybody because you believe in an almighty mythical being.

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