Most Influenced LGBT People Of The History

You may already know that Alexander the Great was gay, but do you know Abraham Lincoln used to write poetry and private letters about homosexual relationships? A more surprising fact, 17th-century Swedish monarch Queen Christina refused to marry even though it meant abdicating her throne. From Michelangelo to Ellen DeGeneres, we admire the lives and successes of the most distinguished LGBT figures throughout history and the modern era. Here is a list of the 5 most famous gay people who shaped the spheres of politics, entertainment, and culture in world history.

Alexander the Great

According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, Alexander the Great, born Alexander III of Macedon,  started to think of himself as a demigod and a son of Zeus, the Greeks' highest-ranking Olympian god. After acquiring an already notable kingdom from his flesh-and-blood father, Philip II, Alexander conquered Persia and many other lands. Using skills likely gathered from his personal tutor, none other than Aristotle, Alexander opened ancient Greece's pure culture and high-minded ethos as much by clear attraction as by victory. Alexander is often the first strange hero, young gender and sexual minorities take to claiming in their own group.


It may not be perfectly correct to refer to Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt as "transgender;" but it's certainly not completely incorrect. In fact, Hatshepsut liked to call herself a king. She recorded titles on granite monuments effectively introducing to herself as, "her majesty, the king." This crucial ruler of humanity's original glorious civilization further affirmed her "kingship" by wearing the attire of a male monarch along with a false beard made to fit her chin.

Like many significant trans and LGB personalities from history, the memory of Hatshepsut and her nonconforming gender expression has overcome struggles to be erased.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo's gayness is almost accepted globally. There is also certainly zero doubt that the ultimate Renaissance man in history was a genius of art, science, engineering, and what we now might call futurism. He not only painted the Mona Lisa and the most famous version of the Last Supper, but he also created paintings of helicopters and other flying machines hundreds of years before the Wright Brothers developed the world's first airplane.

For whatever reason, some of history's obviously non-LGBT world-changers just cannot digest the idea that the great Leonardo da Vinci made love to other men. For instance take the father of psychotherapy, Sigmund Freud, Freud somehow concluded hundreds of years after Leonardo's death that the artist was homosexual, but (ahem) celibate.

Alan Turing

Who was Alan Turing?  If we say he was a British mathematician and scientist would sound like saying Leonardo was a great painter. It just doesn't work far enough. Biographer Andrew Hodges describes the man with maximum concision at the website he owns as an education portal about all things. Hodges writes that Alan Turing was the "originator of computer science, philosopher, mathematician, codebreaker, exceptional visionary and a gay man before his time."


The University of Illinois at Springfield's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Allied Resource Office gives a frustrating, however technically true, evaluation of the sexual doubtfulness of the legendary sculptor and painter of the ceiling at the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

The physical attraction of many of his monumental male nudes, such as the David, the Creation of Adam and the florid male nudes (Ignudi) on the Sistine ceiling, provides a clear hint as to where Michelangelo’s sensual interests lay."

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